Travel Bloggers’ Secrets: Why I travel blog

travel bloggers secrets why we travel blog

Why do we travel blog? 

Chat up any travel blogger and I think you’ll find the better question to be:

Why don’t you travel blog? 

I asked some of my fellow globetrotting vagabonds to share why they started travel blogging, and why they keep at it:

take me with you see her travel

“Ten years ago, setting off to backpack Southeast Asia for six months, I created a blog as a way to update friends and family on my adventures while also keeping a record for myself. My first blogs had neither punctuation nor formatting, but people loved them! Quickly, my blog became something I loved to write, and something my people back home loved to read; it was like they were joining me on my trips and they were experiencing my wanders right along with me. Now, I get less than subtle messages from these people nagging me if I haven’t posted in a while. Many countries, bus rides, and questionable personal safety choices later, blogging has made me ever more present during my travels. Constantly noticing details, I consciously take in all aspects of my surroundings, and really experience everything from the mundane to the extraordinary, because I know I’m going to want to write about how that boiled sheep intestine tasted when I was sitting in that yurt after that yak trek! I’m extremely lucky to be able to live this life of wanderlust, and travel blogging has become my way of giving back to this beautiful world.”

– Emily from See Her Travel

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take me with you lifelong vagabonds

“I started traveling four years ago when I was 19, but only started documenting my trip a few months ago. When you’re on the road for this long all of your memories start to blur together and you begin asking yourself things like: did I take my first paragliding flight before or after I almost lost my leg to infection? Have I been to Adelaide? Oh yeah, I have . . . what did I do there again? And it was these increasingly frequent questions, or rather the worry they brought of forgetting all of the amazing things I’ve done, that finally motivated me to start my own travel blog.

“But the reason I’ve branched out to also include travel tips and place guides is because I’ve met so many people on the road who truly thought that this lifestyle was only for the rich and well-connected. I want everyone to know that that’s not true, that their dreams don’t have to die due to the pressures of society to be ‘successful’ or one’s minimum wage job. The entire world is out there and it is so beautiful and amazing. I just really want to share that with as many people as I can.”

– Mri from Lifelong Vagabonds

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take me with you beth

“Why do I travel Blog? What a silly question! It would be much easier to ask ‘why don’t I travel blog’. There are so many reasons why I travel blog, it’s hard to explain in such a short post. First of all, I had always dreamed of getting paid to travel the world. I had NO IDEA that a job like that even existed. I would daydream about it all the time, then I discovered the world of blogging, and the rest is history.

“After I started, I was hooked. It brings me such a sense of freedom, working on my own time and getting paid to do things people only dream of doing. There is so much land to see out there, I don’t think I’ll ever stop exploring all of God’s creations. Traveling also has made me a better person in general by learning different ways of life, cultures, and values. I’ve always believed that there is more to life than watching TV and paying bills and travel blogging has allowed me to do just that.”

– Beth from Life’s Endless Adventures

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take me with you fabio

“Ever since my teenage years I had seen my older brother and cousin travel the world, but with my priorities to finish university and get a job straight after, I never really had a chance to do it myself.

“Fortunately now that I’m self-employed I can travel as regularly as I want, so I started my travel blog as a personal diary for myself. It’s nice to look back on memories that aren’t just photos; I can read about how I felt during that experience.

“Why do I keep blogging? I enjoy sharing my experiences with others; opening people’s minds to what else is out there; and I think most of all I love having a place where I can store all of my memories whether they’re text, photos or videos.”

– Fabio from Fab Meets World

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take me with you sarah page

“Travel blogging is honestly a sweet escape from the stressful job I currently have. I began my blog while daydreaming about escaping, and have been hooked ever since. It’s my own version of running away and exploring the world.”

– Sarah from Tides of Travel

Why do you travel blog? Share with your fellow vagabonds in the comments below.

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