Travel Bloggers’ Secrets: Favorite Airbnb Stays

travel bloggers secrets favorite airbnb stays

Can you believe it’s already the fourth day of our Where Will I Sleep Week?! We’ve covered my fail-proof guide to booking accommodations, questions to ask before booking a room, hotel booking hacks, how to score free accommodations, kept up the Airbnb card giveaway, and topped it all off with a legit Twitter chat yesterday.

Phew! It’s travel accommodations galore, and today we’re catching up with some of my fellow travelers about one of the coolest accommodation options out there: Airbnb.

I asked some of my favorite bloggers to share their top Airbnb experiences to inspire your budget accommodation search. But first . . .

Where Will I Sleep? Week Question #4:

Share a link to your dream BnB, hotel, or hostel

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #wherewillisleepweek

(The more questions you answer the higher your chances of winning, so if you missed the first few questions, go back and answer question one and two and three now)


Looking forward to seeing your replies. 😉

And now, for my travel blogging buddies sharing their top Airbnb experiences . . . Where do you want to stay? Tell me in the comments below!


“One of the best experiences we had as a family with staying in a Class A RV in the Smoky Mountains. While the RV stayed parked at the owners property, it still felt as if we were camping without actually having to drive an RV to a campground! We were located on a hill and had amazing views of the mountain tops. We enjoyed a campfire each evening and easy drives into the state park every day. It was fun to feel as if we were camping. The hosts were friendly, and gave us lots of ideas of things to do in the area. Nowhere else could you get this experience except for on Airbnb.”

– Tonya from Detail Oriented Traveler

Brenda Traveleira

“If there is something I like from AirBNB it is the versatility of the accommodation types you can find. Your Airbnb experience will totally depend on the mood you’re traveling with. I’ve stayed in private locations, with friends but also by myself and some other times I have rented rooms with amazing hosts from which you can learn a lot from and become more than just your guides to your destination.”

– Brenda from Traveleira

Lauren“We rented an full, 3-bedroom apartment in Istanbul for €60 a night (what a deal!). It was in this Airbnb where the best and worst travel moments I’ve had both happened.

It was hard to believe – that two strange Turks had the audacity to rob us while we slept and that my dad actually chased them out of the apartment! But, the reality hit me though when I realized they had actually gotten away with a large chunk of cash and (I am still bitter about this part) my laptop.

Our host contacted Airbnb to notify them, but I didn’t expect much. The police had given us such a hard time about things so a police report didn’t happen and we had no proof of the stolen property.

Airbnb contacted us on their own within hours of the incident to determine if there was anything they could do to rectify the situation. In what world would they assume responsibility of something that was out of their control?

Here’s a summarization of the compensation we received: $25 Pick-me-up gift card, $309 Refund for 5 nights in Istanbul, 90% Reimbursement of purchase price of 6-month old laptop. All without a police report!”

– Lauren from Postgrad & Postcards [Psst! Read more of Lauren’s craycray Air B&B experience here]


“We used AirBNB for accommodations in Havana, Cuba. It was only the second time we used AirBNB and I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure about regulations in Cuba, but it turned out to be the best choice we could have made. Hotels are hard to come by in Cuba and expensive. For a fraction of the cost of a hotel, we stayed in an 8th floor 2-bedroom apartment in the center of Old Havana with the most spectacular view.”

– Laura from Savored Journeys


“The Classic Malay Guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a majestic oasis hidden in the heart of a bustling metropolis. This AirBnB is an actual “guest house” belonging to a Malaysian couple named Sharifa and Amin. The two-story traditional Malay dwelling is painted in a cheery yellow and blue color scheme and built around the base of a mangrove tree. The tree is left exposed in the bathroom with its sinewy trunk protruding out of the wooden wall! Mesh canopies elegantly hang from bejeweled bedposts reflecting a beautiful marriage of practicality and aesthetics as the netting is there to protect guests from mosquitos from getting us at night. Around the property is photoshoot-worthy tiled courtyard shaded by palm trees and bubbling water fountains. It was the perfect balance between luxurious and quaint and its 100% authentic Malay which I loved. The house is also conveniently next to a train station which is helpful in KL where hailing taxis is sometimes a pain. You must book ahead weeks in advance as the calendar gets full. $60 per night for the entire house.”

– Izzy from The Next Somewhere


“I’ve used AirBnB just twice now, both in Baltimore in the same trip. Sarah was my first host. Her home was newly renovated and – honestly – should be featured in a Home Goods commercial. The entire place was bright, colorful, and very welcoming. Sarah had a thorough manual about, not only the house, but everything in the surrounding area; this was very helpful when figuring out where to eat and adventure. Cindi, my second host, was just as incredible and I was so lucky she was able to host me on short notice. There were sweet and personal touches all around the house: a little stand that read “Welcome Joan!” on her coffee/breakfast bar in the dining room, a little note with a glass bottle of water, a chocolate bar, etc. The colors and decor made her home so welcoming and warm, I adored the giant world map in my room, and Cindi was an absolute delight to get to know; her knowledge of the city and her willingness to share was the perfect introduction to Baltimore. The house was rich with character and the bathroom was a sanctuary. That soaking footed tub saved me twice after adventuring all over!”

– Joan Marie from Polka Dots and Picometers

Don’t forget to answer today’s #wherewillisleepweek Daily Question on social media for a chance to win a $30 Airbnb giftcard!


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