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Did I ever tell you about the time I arrived in Dublin by ferry? I felt like a lost, confused sheep – being herded around with the other confused foot-passengers as we dodged those who had boarded with their vehicles. Finally we made it out, and into the tiny lobby where our luggage waited, then out under the foreboding sky and sparse concrete.

I don’t know what I had been expecting – leprechauns adorning us with wreaths of four leafed clovers? Something resembling a city center? Perhaps choices in mode of transportation?

We made it to the city center and our accommodations just fine, but the initial experience of our lackluster arrival only reinforced one of my all-time favorite travel tips: Ditch your expectations. 

There is no better recipe for travel disappointment than clinging to expectations. Like all travel tips, this one grew from experience after experience proving its validity.

Every story births (at least one) eternal travel tip.

Every story births (at least one) eternal travel tip. Click To Tweet

That time we ran from an elephant in Tanzania? Always obey your tour guides. Hiking through the Lake District? Ask your BnB host for directions. Backpacking through the Eagle Cap wilderness? Roll your socks and undies inside tomorrow’s t-shirt to minimize unpacking mayhem. Fever and vomiting in Nicaragua? CIPRO is your best friend, never travel without a supply. 

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So what’s your story? What travel tip takeaway do you swear by, for each and every adventure? We all have them, and I want to hear your best travel tip.

I want to share your #1 travel tip with the world.

Next month, I’ll be compiling an epic list of the best tried-and-true travel tips – and I want to include yours.

To celebrate your travel tips, there’s also a little freebie for you . . .

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GPSMyCity Giveaway

Share your travel tip with TMWY, and you will be entered to win one of 20 free GPSMyCity app downloads. If you haven’t heard of GPSMyCity, it’s an app for Android and iOS boasting hundreds of different walking tour routes for cities all over the world. Each route guides you along a walking tour with tons of info on sites along the way. Basically, you can ditch guide or bus and be your own tour guide.

And how many of us have ever gotten lost while exploring? (Okay, if you’re hand isn’t raised, you’re lying! 😉 ) Getting a little lost is part of the fun of exploring, but GPSMyCity can tell you where you are as you’re wandering, taking the stress out of getting back on track.

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To enter the TMWY Travel Tip Giveaway . . .

Although anyone may submit their travel tip, to be eligible for the giveaway you must subscribe to TMWY. Share your #1 travel tip in one complete sentence by either:

Next month, all our #1 travel tips will be shared on TMWY. So if you’d like me to include a link to your blog OR one social media platform, share that with me too.

20 entries will be randomly selected to receive a GPSMyCity walking tour route for a city of their choice. Once notified, winners can pick their city of choice from either this list (for iOS) or this list (for Android). That’s 450+ choices! A promo code for the app will then be emailed to the recipient, to be used in the App store for your free download.

Then, you’re one step closer to wandering the destination city of your dreams 😉

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to TMWY, then comment below with your favorite travel tip.

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P.S. Don’t forget to check back in next month for the complete compilation of our best travel tips.

P.S.S. TRAVEL BESTIES: the best of travel + wanderlusting this week and 8 items tourists always forget to pack when traveling overseas


The globetrotting wordsmith behind Take Me With You, Sierra specializes in sustainable, smart blogging strategies for part-time travel bloggers. Her wanderlust has taken her across 3 continents and 11 countries. She is the creator of the free ecourse, Travel Blog In 5.

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8 comments on “Share your #1 travel tip + Giveaway”

  1. Maddie says:

    Although I am not a seasoned traveler, I have found that it’s super important to gather as many travel resources as possible {guide books, etc.)… but equally important to be willing to throw out everything you learned from them. It’s good to have a basis for your journey, but important to make it your own.

    1. Take Me With You says:

      “Make it your own” … I LOVE that! I get giddy/excited over collecting resources and guidebooks, but agree that it’s extremely important to embrace spontaneity when you’re actually on your trip. Great advice!

  2. Camille says:

    My best tip – do your research and make plans but BE FLEXIBLE!! The best experiences may come from those you meet along the way rather than what a blog or guidebook suggests.

    1. Take Me With You says:

      Flexibility is so important – something I’ve had to learn time and time again as a total type-A traveler. My favorite, most cherished memories though are always those made with people I meet on my travels.

  3. Jen Morrow says:

    Research your location for currency; Cash based culture? What credit cards are accepted? What is the tipping etiquette?

    Language; Learn a few phrases of greeting, ordering food, How much does this cost?
    Bring a phrase book, or download the google translate app for your smartphone, if you will have phone coverage for metro areas.

    Make a list of top priorities activities, then adjust travel based on opportunity/weather/whim. Be ready to try something new!

    1. Take Me With You says:

      All of these are GREAT! I especially adhere to the language one – even a small effort can make such a difference when trying to communicate

  4. Open your mind and be ready to learn

    1. Take Me With You says:

      Love it! So true.

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