I’m Sierra. I teach part-time travel bloggers how to earn internet recognition + profit for their wanderlust.

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Welcome to Take Me With You, where travel blogging dreams become reality. Here at TMWY, we hustle for travel. We write to inspire. We breed a culture of inspiration, encouragement, and kick*** wanderlust. We’re travelers sharing our stories through blogging. And making money doing it.

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This blog is for you.

Yes, you. Not for those incredibly lucky one in a hundred quit-her-day-job-to-travel-the-universe travel bloggers. This blog is for you. As in 9-to-5ers and students and multi-taskers who harbor wanderlust in their hearts, while being planted wherever life has them.

This is about moving beyond simply dreaming about sharing your travel stories and expertise with the world. This is about making the travel blog you’ve been dreaming of a reality. I’m here to tell you that travel dreams can be achieved. That your ambition and wanderlust are not to be ashamed of, but to be inspired by.

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