The 3-word formula for finding a niche you actually love

the 3 word formula for finding a niche you actually love take me with you

Remember that nightmare where you walk into your office only to discover that, after interacting with multiple coworkers and your boss, you’re completely naked?

Unfortunately that’s not just a nightmare. That’s the reality of your situation if you jump into blogging with no idea of what you want to do. Unprepared. Freaking out. Stark naked.

But I’m not going to let that happen to you. Today I’m going to show you the easiest way to nail down a niche for your travel blog before you begin. (Just FYI: your “niche” is the specific focus that sets you apart from the hundreds of other travel bloggers crowding the internet).

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Now, back to your sneak peak of the course: finding a niche you actually love.

travel blogging niche examples take me with you

Wait what? I don’t even have a blog yet and we’re already talking finding my niche?

Yes we are. Too many wannabe travel bloggers begin their blogging career with no idea of what they want their blog to look like or focus on. Heck, maybe you’re still on the fence about starting a travel blog at all. (Do it, it’s awesome).

Determining your niche now will save you countless hours later. Why? Because your niche forms the seed, the jumping off point for your travel blogging adventure. Your Ideal Reader. Your design. Your content. I don’t want you banging your head against your laptop screen at two a.m. three months from now when you are all out of post ideas.

Let’s avoid that, okay?

(Side note: Do not feel bad if you already have a travel blog and have no idea what your niche is. Today, we’re going to fix that. And major kudos to you for getting a head start! Comment below with your url why don’t you? I’d love to take a peek).

Hold on a second – I don’t know much about blogging right now. What if my ideas change? What if I don’t like my niche a month from now? Five months from now?

You’re allowed to change your mind. Actually, I’m betting you will. Even if you’re not sure where your blog will go in the future, you need to decide on some direction now. It’s far easier to tweak your niche later than to create one from scratch with a scattered blog.

TRAVEL BLOGGING TRUTH BOMB #1: You’re allowed to change your mind.

Please don’t let the fear of making mistakes hold you back from making something awesome.

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get down to defining your niche:

writing niche take me with you

Step 1: Grab a notebook or open a new word document. Onto this brainstorming platform, I want you to scribble or type every word that comes to your mind when you hear the word “travel.” Don’t think, just jot down everything that pops into your head for 2 minutes. I don’t care how wacky your responses are. Just write.

Step 2: Now I want you to think about your own personal travel experience. I know you’re here because you like LOVE to travel. I want you to add to your brainstorming sheet every word that you would use to describe your personal traveling experience. Adjectives, nouns, verbs, you name it.

Step 3: Look over the entire list and circle/highlight any words that appear in both categories or that seem to follow a similar theme. We’ll get back to these later.

Step 4: Answer the following questions in that same sheet. Your brainstorming may have already answered some of these. If you don’t know the answer, skip it!

  1. Why do you travel?
  2. Who do you normally travel with, if anyone?
  3. Do you normally travel to a specific location? A particular area or set of places?
  4. What’s your favorite aspect of traveling?
  5. How would you describe your travel style?
  6. What activities do you do while traveling?
  7. How would you describe your travel budget?
  8. What is your favorite way to get to know a new place?
  9. What do you wish other people knew about traveling?
  10. If you could describe your Ideal Reader (IR), what would he/she be like? It’s best to describe your IR as specifically as possible, right down to likes/dislikes, aspirations, pet peeves, and how she takes her coffee.
  11. What products or services do you daydream about providing to your IR? Epic itineraries? Ebooks? Guides? Packing lists? Courses? (If you have no idea what you could possibly hope to offer, fear not. We dive into the specifics and how-to of monetizing your travel blog beyond affiliates and ads soon.)

Step 5: Now it’s time to do some deciding. Congrats! From your brainstorming sheet select 3 different descriptive words to define your niche, paying particular attention to any trends you developed. These will form the focus of your blog. Everything you write will be inspired by this niche, taking a lot of the overwhelm-factor out of content creation.

You’ll find that having a specific niche doesn’t constrain your creativity, only directs it.

Travel Blog In 5 includes a bonus download of epic Travel Blog Niche Examples, so you can get a true feel for what I mean by a 3-word niche.

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What strategies do you use to find your travel blogging niche? Share your niche in the comments below, then sign up for Travel Blog In 5 to give your travel blog the attention it deserves.

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4 comments on “The 3-word formula for finding a niche you actually love”

  1. Jane says:

    Quite right about needing to know a niche prior to starting a blog if intending to grow it.
    Mine was started, as many are, as a blog just for family and friends when we left the U.K…. then it got wiped out on a transition to another host, well, the images did.
    Now it is an Australian based family travel blog, the heart of which is in our home state of Victoria and then radiating out to our big lap around Oz starting early next year. But with a slightly different angle to the traditional big 4×4 trips.
    Wicked Walkabout is a site I love and enjoy working on, not earning anything, though I do get those annoying emails from companies wanting to do daft guest posts on my site to promote themselves, with nothing in it for me other than a hollow article. No thanks.
    Keep up the great info, well written!

    1. Take Me With You says:

      Thanks Jane! I love your niche – that’s a perfect example of the specificity really needed to stand out. And what a fun name! I’ll have to check out your blog, as I’ve always wanted to go to Australia.

  2. Markus says:

    Definitely something which I will have to think about… To be honest I love to travel – I want to go just about everywhere, traveling in all manner of styles and on various budgets – doing all sorts of different things! It’s very hard for me to think of one single niche so at the moment I’m just writing about every thing!

    Hopefully as I continue I will find a common theme between many of my posts and can find some thing I can really focus on!

    Some great tips, thanks for sharing, and I do hope something comes to me – otherwise I’ll have to keep writing about everything I can think of. But to be honest I really enjoy just waffling on about my travels so I’m happy for now.

    1. Sierra Donahue says:

      That’s awesome Markus! It was the same for me for the first few months of travel blogging, I just wrote about whatever I wanted until eventually a niche took shape in my mind. Sometimes it’s easier to look back on what you’ve written and enjoyed most…and then realize that most things fall under a similar category or niche.

      Keep at it! 🙂

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