10 things to do right now to achieve your travel goals this year

10 things to do right now to achieve your travel goals this year

This is it. The year you plan to travel more. The New Year’s resolutions are set, you’re feeling super inspired, and . . .

You have no idea where to start.

Don’t toss you resolution to see the world in 2016 just yet. Travel planning starts in small, bite-sized steps. I’ve compiled the top things you can do now to set your travel goals up for success immediately – immediately as in, no need to put on presentable clothing or leave the house. Three cheers for pajama productivity!

So get cracking on these 10 ways you can start achieving your travel goals, right now. Whoever said planning had to be a long, drawn-out, boring process?

Here’s to a year of wanderlusting and stress-free planning.

Ready . . .

set . . .

. . . GO!

1. Download a few free + fun travel apps. So many choices! Start with a few innovative ideas, like Localeur, Image It, TripIt, and Postagram. Then snag some necessity standbys, like Google Translate, Hotel Tonight, or the Mobile Currency Converter.

2. Sign up for airline newsletters to receive weekly last minute flight deals. Consider Virgin Airlines, Southwest Airlines, or United Airlines.

3. And sign up for Skyscanner Price Alerts to be immediately informed when the fares for your dream flight decrease or increase.

4. Learn how to say “thank you” in the language of the country at the top of your wanderlust wish list. Extra brownie points for the following top priority phrases:

  • Hello
  • Please
  • Where is the restroom?
  • Do you speak English?

5. Apply for a travel rewards credit card. Check out these recommendations and comparisons from NerdWallet.

6. Stock a travel drawer. What’s this? Simply a drawer, cupboard, or box somewhere in your house that holds typical packing necessities for an easy grab-and-go supply run before your next adventure. Spontaneous travel just got so much easier. Mine has:

  • Earplugs + eyemask for sleeping
  • Photocopies of my passport
  • Up to date vaccination records
  • Airplane-sized cosmetic bottles of toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, & sunscreen
  • Electrical charge converter
  • Travel journal (speaking of which . . .)

7. Treat yourself to a new travel journal so you’re ready to go for your next adventure. (Who says we can’t have New Year’s presents as well as Christmas presents? Hee hee) If you don’t think you want a travel journal, read this and think again.

8. Start a travel stash. As in a cute mason jar with a slit in the lid to shove your travel savings if you’re pinterest-y. Or a honest-to-goodness savings account. Either way, you’ll be thankful for whatever bit you managed to save when it comes time to buy your plane ticket.

9. Subscribe to one (or two!) travel blogs to stay tuned with the latest travel hacks + wanderlust inspiration. I can think of one great place to subscribe for excellent trip planning how-to’s and down-to-earth inspiration if you haven’t already 😉 Here are some other great choices to top off your list:

  • The Voyageur = stunning, vogue photo essays from around the globe + inspiring itineraries
  • Nomad Wallet = everything you ever wanted to know about budget adventuring
  • The Blonde Abroad = fun & insightful blog with tons of tips, reviews, and videos from a fashion-savvy globetrotter
  • Where’s Sharon = your new favorite destination if you have kiddos in tow
  • Nomadic Matt = informative tips for tons of destinations and types of adventures

10. Claim your copy of the Travel Planning Workbook for a step-by-step guide to planning your next adventure abroad – packed with true-story examples, checklists, easy-to-use templates, and tons of exclusive tips to take your trip planning from high stress to super fun. Subscribe to ensure you’re on the list to get your Travel Planning Workbook – to be released later this month:Travel Planning Workbook

I can’t wait to see where your travel goals take you in 2016! Let’s hear it for another adventure-packed year to come, full of laughter, tea, and long chats with good friends. And marshmallows.

Every year could use a few more marshmallows.

Where are you hoping to go in 2016?

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